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SUPPLYING of filtered air passes over the flow cap top.
Active protection of components and the flushing bowl against contamination.
This produces an ISO 5-class like extraction area.
High occuptional safety by connecting your extraction to our cabinet.


12” BASIC TOUCHSCREEN with intuitively operable software.
Simple operating due to password-secured user-levels and
the possibility to save test processes.
Continuous monitoring of safety relevant functions.


ANALYSIS AREA (500 mm) with round basin (300 mm) with polished stainless steel interior.
Components from 3-5 kg can be tested with the help of a parts holder.
Different extraction options: rins/spray, flood, ultrasound.


THE USER-FRIENDLY, lifting and tilting memb-rane holder includes
three individual cascade rings with tweezer leads for safe and simple
membrane fitting and removal of Ø 47 mm membrane filters.

OPTIONAL EXHAUSTION OPENING: Exhaustion of up to 90%
of the arising emission of aerosol in the back working area.
For increased product and operator´s safety. 

Prevention of explosive atmosphere in analysis area:
secured ignition protection, high safety technique above the standard,
ground connections and much more.

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