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SUPPLYING of filtered air passes over the flow cap top.
Active protection of components and the flushing bowl against contamination.
This produces an ISO 5-class like extraction area.
High occuptional safety by connecting your extraction to our cabinet. 


12” BASIC TOUCHSCREEN with intuitively operable software.
Simple operating due to password-secured user-levels and the possi-bility
to save test processes. Continuous mo-nitoring of safety relevant functions.
Optional comfort touch panel with separate keyboard with easy to clean
glass surface available.


ANALYSIS BASIN (600 x 750 mm) with polished stainless steel interior.
For components up to 15 kg. Smallest parts with high requirements
can be tested with optional funnel. Extraction in the front work area. 


THE USER-FRIENDLY, lifting and tilting memb-rane holder
includes three individual cascade rings with tweezer leads
for safe and simple membrane fitting and removal of Ø 47 mm membrane filters. 


OPTIONAL INTERNAL FLUSH: Ideal and unique possibility
on the market to test interior geometries and surfaces.
Completely closed flushing circle with separate membrane holder.


Prevention of explosive atmosphere in analy-sis area due to numerous measures: secured ignition protection, separate safety control, high safety technique above the standard, ground connections and much more.

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