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Technology that Reveals What Couldn’t Be Seen Before

Dedicated Field Lenses Make High-Grade Imaging Simple

Manufactured specifically for the DSX110, dedicated 1X, 3.6X, and 10X lenses combine high NA, long working distances, wellcontrolled aberration, and evenness of light intensity like never before.

             Mounted substrate

             Fractured metal surface







High-Resolution 18MP Images Reproduced with High-Performance CCD*

High-performance CCD

Olympus’s high-performance CCD is the engine that shows exactly what our high-quality optics reveal. 
*4800 x 3600 pixels, 3CCD mode conversion triples the pixel count

Zoom Optics Cover a Wide Range of Magnification

Wide Zoom and Magnification Range: Get Closer to the Sample

The DSX110 provides an optical zoom up to 16X and a digital zoom up to 30X. The DSX110 also offers a wide magnification range, with a 16X wide zoom range, and a total magnification of 7X to 1071X (with dedicated 10X lens).

       Zoom in on the sample

Free-Angle Function: Angled Viewing with No Need to Touch the Sample

With the free-angle function of DSX110, merely tilt the zoom head to change the viewing angle without touching the sample. A sturdy frame with a low center of gravity provides extra stability when tilting the head.

                                              Left 45 degrees           Directly above               Right 45 degrees

Macro Map: Always Know the Location

As zoom magnification is adjusted to a higher level, the area that can be seen at one time is reduced — Macro map automatically records a full field of view image in a separate macro window.


A Variety of Observation Methods, Freely Usable

Flexible LED Ring Light Makes Scratches and Defects Easy to See

The LED ring light of DSX110 is divided into four segments that allow flexible illumination control, making scratches and defects easy to find and identify.


Polarized Lighting Controls LED Unit Reflection

When observing highly reflective samples, the polarized lighting of DSX110 controls reflection of the LED illumination ring, ensuring clear observation.

               Without polarized lighting                                              With polarized lighting

 Flexible Configuration Allows Maximum Performance


Designed to deliver operational flexibility coupled with superior performance, the DSX110 features a transmitted illumination base and a universal stand designed to accommodate larger sized samples.

Advanced Image Processing

HDR: High-Definition Visuals Beyond the Human Eye

Sample appearance can vary depending on quality of material, surface conditions, or illumination methods. One of a variety of observation methods made possible by the advanced digital technology of DSX110, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, combines several images taken at different exposures to accurately correct brightness differences on the sample surface, delivering a more consistently accurate sample rendition.

              Printed circuit board

WiDER: Easy Inspection of Samples with High Reflectance Difference

The DSX110 eliminates this issue with WiDER, a proprietary image processing system that takes care of high-contrast problems with one click. No blackouts. No glare.

A click removes problems caused by different contrast by materials

Color Enhancement: See Only What’s Required

The color enhancement feature of DSX110 allows color to be placed where it is needed while leaving the rest of the image in black and white, making it much easier to locate defects. Ideal for focusing on one particular defect.

Inspection is easier when you can highlight possible defects or contamination for inspection

Anyone Can Make Observations in Optimum Conditions

Best Image Function Ensures Optimal Performance from Any Operator


The DSX110 will set all the necessary parameters to achieve that image. The Best image function ensures optimal images, whether looking for defects, uneven surfaces, or foreign objects. With Best image, anyone can operate the system — beginner to expert — and it can be customized for each operator.

 Repeatability: Easily Recall Any Inspection (Observation) Setting

The mechanisms of DSX110 are fully digitalized so that every image taken or saved has the conditions it was taken under recorded with the image. If an image is captured with the DSX110, the operator can retrieve the conditions of capture from the image data with one click, enabling additional observations under the same conditions and settings.


Main frame

Zoom ratio

Optical zoom

DSXPLFL3.6X/1X: 1X to 16X (max) 

4X to 16X (max)

Digital zoom

17X to 30X

Mountable objective lens

DSX dedicated objective lens


Illumination (Objective lens)

LED ring light illumination


Image sensor

1/1.8 inch, 2.01 megapixels, color CCD
​(total pixels: 2.10 megapixels) 

Total pixels : 1688 (H) x 1248 (V) 

Available pixels : 1628 (H) x 1236 (V) 

Effective pixels : 1600 (H) x 1200 (V)

Cooling method

Peltier cooling

Scan mode

Progressive scan

Frame rate

15 fps/27 fps with binning mode

Image size

Normal : 1194 x 1194 (1:1)/1592 x 1194 (4:3) 

Fine : 1194 x 1194 (1:1)/1592 x 1194 (4:3) 

Super fine : 3594 x 3594 (1:1)/4792 x 3594 (4:3)


ISO 100/200/400/800/1600 equivalent

Fine focusing (Motorized)


34 mm


0.4 μm


Coarse focusing (Manual)


50 mm

Maximum sample height


80 mm*1

To ensure U-centric operation in tilted operation

50 mm*2

Tilt mechanism


Manual, lock/release handle

Tilt angle

Left/Right 45°


DSX-UFSSU (Motorized)*3


100 x 100 mm

Load capacity

1 kg

U-SIC4R2 (Manual)


100 x 105 mm

Load capacity

1 kg

LCD monitor


23” with touch panel and Full HD color LCD monitor


1920 (H) x 1080 (V)


(Main frame, Manual stage, LCD monitor, Control box, Controller)

Approx. 36.5 kg

Input rating

100-120 V/220-240 V, 300 V A, 50/60 Hz

*1 50 mm in case of the combination with DSX-UFSSU (not included BH2-WHR43/wafer holder plate) 

*2 20 mm in case of the combination with DSX-UFSSU (not included BH2-WHR43/wafer holder plate) 

*3 DSX-WZ-STAD is required to install

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