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This product has been discontinued, check out our current In-Line XRF Analyzer, Vanta iX >>

FOX-IQ® Process and In-Line XRF Analyzer

The FOX-IQ in-line analyzer provides customizable, continuous measurements of titanium (Ti) to uranium (U) on any surface. Designed to operate 24/7, the FOX-IQ XRF system performs fully automated in-line analysis for 100% high-volume process control.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a proven technique used to quickly and nondestructively verify alloy grade and chemistry. The FOX-IQ system is compact and has minimal power requirements, making it easy to integrate with new or existing PLC-controlled processes. The system is engineered to endure high levels of vibration, electromagnetic and acoustical noise, dust, and moisture.

Each FOX-IQ system delivers pass/fail results, accurate grade identifications, and material chemistry. It can be controlled by a PC or integrated with a PLC for automated start/stop, data acquisition, decision-making, and communication to external devices.

Quickly Analyze and Compare Alloy Tubes and Rods to Specification

The FOX-IQ system can be configured for fully automated alloy testing with data logging and alerts.

Typical Applications:

  • 100% heat or batch alloy type verification
  • Quality control of components after the fabrication process
  • Use in service centers to confirm alloy type before shipment
  • Alloy types: stainless steels, carbon steels, low-alloy steels, tool steels, nickel alloys, nickel-cobalt alloys, titanium alloys, zirconium alloys, copper-nickel alloys, brasses, bronzes, and aluminum alloys
Olympus Innov-X on-line Fox-IQ XRF analyzer for metal tube and rod manufacturing quality control.
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