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Fraas Breaking Point Apparatus
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Bitumen and Bituminous Binders

Fraas Breaking Point Apparatus

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Fraas Breaking Point Apparatus


Stainless Steel Plaque for UTB-0257

(pack of 10)



EN 12593


The UTB-0257 Breaking Point Apparatus is used to determine the breaking point of solid and semisolid bitumen.

The Fraass Breaking Point is the temperature at which bitumen first becomes brittle, as indicated by the appearance of cracks when a  thin film of  bitumen on a metal plaque is cooled and flexed in accordance with specified conditions.

The apparatus consists of a bending device, a plaque made of springly stainless steel 41x20x0.15 mm, a cooling device, a thermometer IP 42 C, a plate and stand.



300x200x200 mm

Weight (approx.)

3 kg

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