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Mobility and Ergonomics

 Mobile System Provides on-the-spot Inspections Anywhere

GX41 - Olympus Compact Body Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Compact Body

The compact body can be installed in a limited space and is also portable, meeting the requirements for on-the-spot inspection either in the lab or alongside the production line.

 Ergonomical Eyepoint Adjustment

GX41 - Tilting Binocular Observation Tube
Tilting Binocular Observation Tube

A tilting binocular observation tube allows the operator to utilize the GX41 either while standing or sitting and provides a comfortable working environment.

Superior Image Clarity and Superb Resolution for Brightfield and Polarized Light

 Clear, Bright Observation at All Magnification

MPLN Series Microscope Objective Lenses
MPLN Series

Newly improved inspection efficiency thanks to UIS2 infinity-corrected optics, which allow high-clarity observation with outstanding images filling the entire field of view (F.N.22). Objective magnifications extend from 5x to 100x, for both brightfield and simple polarizing observations.

Example Observation Images
GX41 - Fiber (Brightfield) observation
Fiber (Brightfield)
GX41 - Metallic Structure (Brightfield) observation
Metallic Structure (Brightfield)
GX41 - Metallic Structure (Simple Polarization) observation
Metallic Structure 
(Simple Polarization)

 Illumination Systems

100W Fiber Microscope Light Source
A 100W Fiber Light Source Combination

In addition to the standard 6V30W halogen light source, a 100W fiber light source is available which provides brighter illumination to low-reflection specimens.

Software Solution

Built to Work with Digital Cameras and Image Analysis Software

Our full line of digital cameras provide viewing and speedy image transfer and are available as stand alone systems or can be used with a computer. 
OLYMPUS Stream Image Analysis Software has been designed specifically for industrial microscopy applications with intuitive menus and advanced software routines. Users are empowered with the latest image analysis and management solutions to satisfy specific application requirements.


Optical System

UIS2 Optical System

Microscope Frame

Observation Method






Illumination System

Reflected Light

30W Halogen or Fiber Light Guide (Light source:100W)

Transmitted Light



Motorized /Manual

Manual Revolving Nosepiece Up/Down Movement
(Stage Stationary Type)


9 mm

Resolution/Fine Adjustment Sensitivity

Fine Stroke per Rotation 0.2 mm

Revolving Nosepiece

Motorized Type


Manual Type

Quadruple for BF

Medium Variable Magnification


Camera Port





Observation Tube

Standard Field (Field Number 18)

Inverted Image

Tilting Binocular Observation Tube

Standard Field (Field Number 20)

Inverted Image

Binocular/Trinocular/Tilting Binocular Observation Tube

Wide Field (Field Number 22)

Inverted Image

Binocular/Trinocular/Tilting Binocular Observation Tube

Erect Image


Super Wide Field (Field Number 26.5)

Inverted Image


Erect Image







10 kg (in Standard Combination)


*Simple Polarized Light Observation

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