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Le Chatelier Water Bath
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Physical and Chemical Properties

Le Chatelier Water Bath

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Le Chatelier Water Bath


Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.


Models for 110-120 V 60Hz, 1ph.




EN 196-3, 450-1, 459-2; EN ISO 9597

The UTCM-0016 Le Chatelier Water Bath is used with Le Chatelier moulds for the determination of the soundness of cement paste fly ash for concrete and lime. The internal chamber and the insulated exterior case of the bath are manufactured from stainless steel. The Bath is capable of reaching boiling point in 30 minutes by using two heater units. There is a timer on the UTCM-0016 Le Chatelier Water Bath which is used to set the time for reaching the boiling point. After that time the temperature of water is regulated by using one heater unit to conserve energy. Supplied complete with a removable rack to hold up to 12 moulds. A cover is also supplied as standard.

Le Chatelier Moulds are should be ordered separately.



210x470x290 mm

Weight (approx.)

8 kg


1250 W

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