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LEXT™ OLS5100 3D Laser Scanning Microscope

Laser Microscope for Material Analysis

Smart Workflow, Faster Experiments

Built for failure analysis and material engineering research, the OLS5100 laser microscope combines exceptional measurement accuracy and optical performance with smart tools that make the microscope easy to use. Precisely measure shape and surface roughness at the submicron level quickly and efficiently to simplify your workflow with data you can trust.



Guaranteed Measurement Accuracy

LEXT microscope objectives deliver highly accurate measurement data. Paired with the Smart Lens Advisor, you can acquire accurate data you can be confident in.

* Guaranteed measurement accuracy*

* Renowned Olympus optics reduce aberration to capture the correct shape of your sample throughout the entire field of view

* Smart Lens Advisor helps you choose the right objective lens for your roughness measurement


*The information, including guaranteed accuracy, on this web page is based on conditions set by Olympus.industrial microscope objective lens



Simple Material Engineering and Failure Analysis Experiment Management

Managing experiment conditions when testing new materials is complicated, so the OLS5100 laser microscope’s Smart Experiment Manager simplifies the process by automating key steps, such as creating the experiment plan.

  • Complete your measurement tasks up to 30% faster*
  • Scan plan is autopopulated with data as it’s acquired
  • Don’t waste time transcribing data—the software does it for you

*Compared with OLS5000

Automatic Data Input

The software automatically adds values to your experiment plan matrix to minimize the chance of input errors. In just a couple of clicks, you can export your data to an Excel spreadsheet.


Easy Experiment Condition Data Organization

You can click on each cell in the experiment plan, and the software will automatically generate a file name that contains the evaluation conditions for easy record keeping. Each file contains the associated images and data.


Comprehensive Data Capture

The microscope scans your sample according to the experiment plan generated by the software so you know you’re not missing data or redoing work.


Find Data Problems Easily

A color map helps you understand your experiment data and verify that no data are missing and there are no errors. If there’s a problem, you can find and fix it earlier in the process.


Choose the Right Objective Lens

The Smart Lens Advisor helps you choose the right objective lens for your surface roughness measurement application. Enter some basic information—such as the field of view and the lens you want to use—and the Advisor will tell you how suitable it is for the application.


Easy Data Acquisition

Experienced and novice users alike can acquire data quickly and easily with the Smart Scan II feature. Place the sample on the stage, press the start button, and the microscope does the rest.

Main unit

Model OLS5100-SAF OLS5100-SMF OLS5100-LAF OLS5100-EAF
Total magnification


Field of view

16 µm–5,120 µm

Measurement principle Optical system Reflection-type confocal laser scanning laser microscope
Reflection-type confocal laser scanning laser-DIC microscope
  Light receiving element Laser: Photomultiplier (2 channels)
Color: CMOS color camera
Height measurement Display resolution 0.5 nm
  Dynamic range 16 bits
  Repeatability σn-1*1 *2 *5 5X:0.45 μm, 10X:0.1 μm, 20X : 0.03 μm, 50X : 0.012 μm, 100X : 0.012 μm
  Accuracy *1 *3 *5 0.15+L/100 μm (L:Measuring length[μm])
  Accuracy for stitched image *1 *3 *5 10X:5.0+L/100 μm, 20X or higher : 1.0+L/100 μm (L: Stitching length [μm])
  Measurement noise (Sq noise) *1 *4 *5 1 nm (Type)
Width measurement Display resolution 1 nm
  Repeatability 3σn-1  *1 *2 *5 

5X: 0.45 µm, 10X: 0.1 µm, 20X: 0.03 µm, 50X: 0.012 µm, 100X: 0.012 µm

  Accuracy *1 *3 *5 Measurement value +/- 1.5%
  Accuracy for stitched image *1 *3 *5 10X : 24+0.5L μm, 20X : 15+0.5L μm, 50X : 9+0.5L μm, 100X : 7+0.5L μm (L: Stitching length [mm])
Maximum number of measuring points in a single measurement

4096 × 4096 pixels

Maximum number of measuring points


XY stage configuration Length measurement module NA NA
  Operating range

100 × 100 mm (3.9 × 3.9 in.) Motorized

100 × 100 mm (3.9 × 3.9 in.) Manual

300 × 300 mm (11.8 × 11.8 in.) Motorized

100 × 100 mm (3.9 × 3.9 in.) Motorized

Maximum sample height

100 × 100 mm (3.9 × 3.9 in.)

30 mm (1.2 in.)

30 mm (1.2 in.)

210 mm (8.3 in.)

Laser light source Wavelength 405 nm
  Maximum output 0.95 mW
  Laser class Class 2 (IEC60825-1:2007, IEC60825-1:2014)
Color light source White LED
Electrical power 240 W 240 W 278 W 240 W
Mass Microscope body Approx. 31 kg (68.3 lb) Approx. 32 kg (70.5 lb) Approx. 50 kg (110.2 lb) Approx. 43 kg (94.8 lb)
  Control box Approx. 12 kg (26.5 lb)

*1 Guaranteed when used in constant temperature and constant-temperature environment (temperature: 20˚C±1˚C, humidity: 50%±10%) specified in ISO554(1976), JIS Z-8703(1983).
*2 For 20x or higher, when measured with MPLAPON LEXT series objectives.
*3 When measured with dedicated LEXT objective.
*4 Typical value when measured with MPLAPON100XLEXT objective, and may differ from the guaranteed value.
*5 Guaranteed under Olympus Certificate System.

** The OS license of Window 10 has been certified for the microscope controller provided by olympus. Therefore, Microsoft's license terms are applied and you agree to the terms.Please refer to the following for Microsoft license terms.



Series Model Numerical Aperture (NA) Working Distance (WD) (mm)
UIS2 objective lens MPLFLN2.5x 0.08 10.7
MPLFLN5x 0.15 20
Dedicated LEXT objective lens (10X) MPLFLN10xLEXT 0.3 10.4
Dedicated LEXT objective lens (high-performance type) MPLAPON20xLEXT 0.6 1
MPLAPON50xLEXT 0.95 0.35
MPLAPON100xLEXT 0.95 0.35
Dedicated LEXT objective lens (l
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