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The OLYMPUS CIX100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standards for the cleanliness of manufactured components. Quickly acquire, process, and document technical cleanliness inspection data to comply with company and international standards. The system’s intuitive software guides users through each step of the process so even novice operators can acquire cleanliness data quickly and easily.
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The OLYMPUS CIX100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for manufacturers who maintain the highest quality standards for the cleanliness of manufactured components. Quickly acquire, process, and document technical cleanliness inspection data to comply with company and international standards. The system’s intuitive software guides users through each step of the process so even novice operators can acquire cleanliness data quickly and easily.

OLYMPUS CIX100 Turnkey Technical Cleanliness Inspection System: Simplify Your Technical Cleanliness

The cleanliness of components and parts is at the center of the manufacturing process. Meeting high standards for counting, analyzing, and classifying the often micron-sized contaminant and foreign particles is important for all processes: development, manufacturing, production, and quality control of the final product. International and national directives describe the methods and documentation requirements for determining particle contamination on essential machined parts since these particles directly impact the lifespan of parts and components. Previously, the mass of residue particles was used to characterize the residue. The standards in use today demand more detailed information about the nature of the contamination such as the number of particles, particle size distribution, and particle characteristic.
The OLYMPUS CIX100 Cleanliness Inspection System is designed to meet the cleanliness requirements of modern industry and national and international directives.

The technical cleanliness of components and parts is essential, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Standard Process for Cleanliness Inspection: Preparation and Investigation
(01:Extraction, 02:Filtration, 03:Weighing, 04:Inspection, 05:Review, 06:Results)

Simple and Reliable

Seamlessly integrated hardware and software result in a durable, high-throughput system that delivers reliable and accurate data.

  • Easy Setup for True Turnkey Functionality
  • Accurate repeatability and best secure by invariant system setup
  • Excellent optical performance and reproducible imaging conditions
  • Proven durability by reproducible positioning and integrated calibration device
  • Full system integration for high performance

Intuitive Guidance for Maximum Productivity

Dedicated, easy-to-use workflows minimize user action and guarantee reliable data - independent of the operator and experience level.

  • Step-by-step guidance to improve productivity and reduce inspection and process time
  • User right management to restrict functionality and avoid avoids operator handling errors by restricting functionality
  • Touch screen support for efficient operator handling
  • Compliant One-Click Reporting for direct documentation
  • Data Management by automated results storing and sharing options

Fast Live Analysis

The unique all-in-one-scan solution enables scans to be completed twice as fast as other inspection systems. Counted and sorted particles are displayed live while powerful, easy-to-use tools make it easy to revise inspection data.

  • Overview image for direct identification of filter coverage, particle clustering or worst particles
  • Automatic live processing and classification of contaminant particles ranging from 2.5 µm up to 42 mm
  • High Throughput by unique all-in-one-scan technology for detection of both reflective and non-reflective objects in one scan
  • Live analytics and result display for shortest reaction time
  • Compliant results by support of international standards

Efficient Data Evaluation

Powerful and easy-to-use tools support to revise inspection data. Highest flexibility is guaranteed by support of all international standards. Clear representation of all relevant inspection results in a maximum time saving

  • Clear arrangement of images and data for efficient data review
  • Visualization of different particle views for immediate identification
  • Proven guarantee as particle location and thumbnails linked with their dimensional images
  • Easy reclassification, review revision and recalculation of inspection data
  • Short reaction time by live display of overall cleanliness code, particle and classification tables
  • Full control by displaying complete inspection data set in one view

Compliant Report Creation

One-click reporting meets the requirements and methodologies set forth in international standards.

  • Completely intuitive and professional documentation based on compliant templates
  • Smart variability by customer adaptable templates
  • Utmost flexibility by support of various output formats
  • Efficient and time-optimized exchange by direct file sharing options
  • Sophisticated data storage options for long-term justification of results





Motorized focus

 Coaxial motorized fine focus with 3 axis joystick

 Focus stroke 25mm

 Fine stroke 100 µm / rotation

 Maximum height of stage holder mounting : 40 mm

 Focus speed 200 µm/sec

 Software autofocus enabled

 Customizable multi-point focus map


Built-in LED illumination

Innovative illumination mechanism with simultaneous detection of reflecting and non-reflecting particles

Light intensity controllable by software

Imaging device

Color CMOS USB 3.0 camera

On chip pixel size 2.2 x 2.2 µm

Sample height

Sample is limited to filter membrane (diameter 42 mm) mounted into the provided filter holder.

Nose piece

Motorized type

Motorized Nosepiece

6 positions motorized nosepiece with 3 UIS2 objectives already installed

PLAPON 1.25X used for preview

MPLFLN 5X used for detecting particles bigger than 10 µm

MPLFLN 10X used for detecting particles bigger than 2.5 µm

Software controlled

The image magnification and relation between pixel and size is known at every moment.

Selected objectives are used at selected steps into the measurement process, objectives are automatically positioned


Motorized stage X,Y

Motorized stage X,Y

Stepper motors controlled movement

Maximum range : 130 x 79 mm

Max speed 240 mm/s (4 mm ball screw pitch)

Repeatability < 1µm

Resolution 0.01 µm

Controllable with 3 axis joystick

Software controlled

Scanning speed is depending on the used magnification, at 10x the scanning speed is less than 10 minutes

Stage alignment is performed at factory assembly

Specimen holder

Sample holder

Membrane holder is specially designed to avoid an unwanted rotation of the membrane during the mounting

The membrane is mechanically flatten by the membrane holder

No tool is needed to fix the cover

The sample holder is always assigned the slot 1 on the stage 

Particle Standard Device (PSD)

Reference sample used to validate the system measurement

Sample used in the check system built-in function for controlling the proper function of the CIX

The PSD is always assigned slot 2 on the stage

Stage insert

2-Position stage insert

Stage insert dedicated to the right positioning of the sample holder and the PSD



High-Performance pre-installed workstation

HP Z440, Windows 10-64 bit Professional (English)

16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD and 4 TB data storage

2GB video adapter

Microsoft Office 2016 (English) installed

Networking capabilities, English qwerty keyboard, optical mouse 1000 dpi

Add-in boards

Motorized controller, RS232 serial and USB 3.0

Language selection

Operating system and Microsoft Office default language can be changed by the user

Touch panel display

23 inch slim screen

Resolution 1920x1080 optimized for use with the CIX software



AC adapter (2), Controller and Microscope frame (4 plugs necessary)

Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz, 10 A

Power consumption

Controller: 700 W; Monitor: 56 W; Microscope: 5.8 W; Control Box 7.4 W

Total: 769.2 W


(W × D × H)

Approx. 1300 mm × 800 mm × 510 mm


44 kg

For information we will send you the latest information !

Reliable Turnkey System Solution:
Automated and Accurate For High Reproducibility

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system is a turnkey solution designed to meet the needs of automated cleanliness inspection. Each component is optimized for accuracy, reproducibility, repeatability, and seamless integration for reliable data in a high-throughput system. The system provides excellent optical performance for fast inspections. Automation of critical tasks helps speed up inspections while minimizing human errors and the risk of contaminating the sample.

Automated and Accurate For High Reproducibility

1. Reproducible Imaging Conditions (Camera Cover)
Highest reproducibility by protected camera alignment to prevent unwanted misalignments.
2. Innovative Polarization Method (Detection Unit)
Detects both reflective (metallic) and non-reflective particles in a single scan.
3. Proven Durability (Stage / Stage inserts)Reproducible Measurement Conditions
The automatic focus drive helps ensure reproducible positioning  for straightforward reinvestigation of detected contaminants. The stage insert maintains a secured membrane position and features an additional insert for the integrated calibration tool or a second sample.
4. Excellent Optical Quality (Microscope)
Renowned Olympus UIS2 objectives and high-resolution camera provide exceptional image quality and accurate measurements.
5. Easy to Use (Software)
Easy-to-use software guides users through the entire inspection process, helping to boost productivity and minimize errors. The interface has large buttons that are easy to click with a mouse or the touch screen monitor.
6. High Performance (Workstation)
While scanning the sample, the system gives direct visual feedback of classified and counted contaminants with color changes. Optionally, the system can emit an acoustic warning signal when limits are exceeded. 

Reproducibility and Repeatability

Reproducibility and Repeatability

The diagram illustrates the OLYMPUS CIX100 precision by verifying the measurement stability and repeatability using the Process Performance Index (PPk). The same sample at 5x and 10x magnification was measured 10 times and the particle count from typical size classes was extracted. The diagram shows the evaluation of CPk and PPk on class E (50-100 μm).

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system makes technical cleanliness inspections easy for inexperienced operators. A preconfigured and pre-calibrated system, user rights management, and regular system self-checks help ensure that the settings are correct for accurate and repeatable results. This means you can apply the same quality standards at different locations and get the same inspection results independent of the operator or system. 

Excellent Optical Quality

Olympus UIS2 objectives provide high optical performance for excellent measurement and analysis accuracy. A dedicated light source maintains a consistent color temperature optimized for cleanliness inspection. 

Optimized Reproducibility

Optimized Reproducibility

The preconfigured and pre-calibrated system has reminders for automatic system self-checks with the integrated calibration slide that helps maintain regular system verification.

Stable Measurement System

Secure Setup

The optical path alignment, motorized nosepiece, and the camera are protected by a cover to prevent accidental modifications. For greater stability, all moving parts have been eliminated from the optical light path.


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