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The USPM-RU III is a reflectometer that provides highly accurate spectral reflectivity measurements of small, curved, and thin samples without interference from rear surface-reflected light. 
*This product is not available in all locations.

Measuring Image
Measuring Image

Measuring even minute areas

The curved surface of the lens can be measured from a minute spot as small as ø60 µm formed on the sample surface. This provides the ability to use a goniometer to examine even the curved side lenses or other optical component.

Principle of Eliminating Rear Surface Reflection
Principle of Eliminating Rear Surface Reflection

Reduces backside interference

Accurate measurement of surface reflectivity can be performed without the costly steps that are typically needed to prevent rear surface reflection. Rear surface-reflected light is reduced by means of special optics that block out all out of focus light reflection similar to a confocal system. Whether your optical component is spherical, aspherical or flat the USPM-RU III does not require sample prep through anti-reflection treatments

Fast Results

Quick, highly repeatable measurements can be achieved in seconds using a flat filed grating, line sensor and high -speed spectrophotometry.

XY Chromaticity
XY Chromaticity

X-Y Chromaticy Diagrams and L*A*B Measurement

Object color can be measured based on spectrophotometric colorimetry determined from the prismatic reflectivity.


Reflectivity graph image
Reflectivity graph image
Reflectivity text data image
Reflectivity text data image

Measurement wavelength

380nm - 780nm

Measurement method

Comparison measurement using reference specimen

Sample N.A.*

0.12 (using 10x objective lens) 

0.24 (using 20x objective lens) 

* it differs from objective lens' N.A.

Sample W.D.

10.1 mm (using 10x objective lens) 

3.1 mm (using 20x objective lens)

Sample curvature radius

-1R - ∞, +1R - ∞

Sample measurement range

Approximately ø60 µm (using 10x objective lens) 

Approximately ø30 µm (using 20x objective lens)

Measurement repeatability (2σ)

±0.1 % and less (during 380 nm - 410 nm measurement) 

±0.01 % and less (during 410 nm - 700 nm measurement)

Display resolution

1 nm

Measurement time

A few secs-several secs (it differs from sampling time)

Light source

Halogen lamp 12 V 100W

Z-direction movement range of the stage


PC interface



Unit Approximately 20 kg 

Power source for light source: Approximately 3 kg 

Control box: Approximately 8 kg

External dimensions

Unit: 300 (W) x 550 (D) x 570 (H) mm 

Power source for light source: 150 (w) x 250 (D) x 140 (H) mm 

Control box: 220 (W) x 250 (D) x 140 (H) mm

Power Source

Power source for light source: 100 V (2.8A)/220 V AC 

Control box: 100 V (0.2A)/220V AC

Environment for use

Installed at the horizontal plane with no vibration 

Temperature: 23 ±5°C 

Humidity: 60% or less 

An environment is not subject to air fluctuation

* Absolute accuracy complying with traceability system is not guaranteed.

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