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Class highest level accuracy

Maximum permissible length measurement error
E0, MPE:1.8 + 3L/1000 μm*
A newly developed highly rigid bridge delivers the highest level accuracy in class
* Temperature condition:18 ~ 22℃

Amazing speed is achieved by review of the drive mechanism

A maximum drive speed of 700 mm/sec and maximum acceleration of 2300 mm/sec2
The drive mechanism of the axes were thoroughly reviewed, and 64% increase in driving speed and 35% increase in acceleration (compared with our conventional machines) were achieved. Measurement efficiency increases signifi cantly.

Enhanced resistance to environment

Temperature to guarantee accuracy: 15 to 30℃ .
An accordion cover protects the X-axis guide and a new design cover is provided to the Y-axis carriage. This structure prevents deformation of the guide and carriage due to temperature changes, increasing resistance to environment (XYZAX AXCEL standard).

Equipped with 2-axis rotating head RDS and scanning probe VAST XXT

2-axis rotating head RDS rotates ±180 ゚ horizontally or vertically at a pitch of 5.0゚, enabling 5,184 positioning patterns at maximum. By combining with scanning probe VAST XXT, XYZAX AXCEL can perform high accuracy oscillating scanning measurement at many different angles. Non-contact type line laser sensor LineScan 2 is also available (optional). It is useful when you want to shorten lead time of profile by surface measurement or conduct reverse engineering by obtaining mass point group data.

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