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Electronic Tongue
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The remarkable benefits of ASTREE electronic tongue

The use of an instrument like the electronic tongue for the sensory analysis of taste allows our customers to:

  • Make sensory evaluation more reliable within their company thanks to an automated, objective and reproducible measurement
  • Control the sensory characteristics of their products thanks to a detailed knowledge on taste attributes
  • Assure assessors’ safety by avoiding exposing them to potentially dangerous or unpleasant substances.

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ASTREE: unsurpassed technical performance

Based on a technology of ChemFET liquid sensors and a conductivity measurement, the electronic tongue evaluates the taste of products. This analytical instrument features unique technical characteristics  to achieve unsurpassed performance in taste analysis globally and also for some taste attributes (salty, acid, umami):

  • Evaluation of taste fingerprint : the electronic tongue detects all organic and inorganic compounds responsible for taste in liquids. With hits specific data processing software based on multivariate statistics, the instrument can assess the overall taste profile, just as the human tongue does.
  • Quantitative analysis capabilities: with the electronic tongue sensors it is possible to simultaneously rank similar samples according to the intensity of salty, acid and umami attributes.
  • Objectivity of the measurement for taste analysis: the use of an instrument like the electronic tongue to assess the taste in controlled and automated conditions assures repeatable, reproducible and totally objective results
  • Rapidity and high throughput of analysis : ASTREE electronic tongue autosampler allows to automate an analysis sequence of a set of samples, with a sample analyzed every 3 minutes.


Thanks to a high reliability of taste measurements, ASTREE electronic tongue can thus substitute to a sensory panel for some routine tests that can be difficult or that can raise safety issues linked with the presence of potentially harmful.

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