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IRIS Smart Vision
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IRIS Smart Vision,
Visual Inspection of Production Batches

IRIS Smart Vision

Combining high resolution camera imaging and controlled lighting conditions in a closed cabinet, IRIS achieves reliable visual inspection of your products.

IRIS Smart Vision is dedicated to quality control applications involving color or shape measurements.

Also compatible with Alphasoft Advanced Statistics, the IRIS Smart Vision Pro version provides a more comprehensive visual analysis for R&D applications.

  • Time-saving on Quality Control
  • Representative sampling, reliable results
  • Improved process stability


IRIS Smart Vision – Fast & Easy Quality Control

  • Define Your Quality Standards
  • Measure Your Products
  • Monitor Long-term Quality


Visual inspection and product batch validation

  • Validation of suppliers’ raw materials quality
  • Quality control of production

Process monitoring based on product color

  • Check products quality at the end of the manufacturing process to avoid any drift


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