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BX53M / BX53

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Olympus BX53M / BX53

Traditional Techniques Made Easy: Simple Illuminator
  • Traditional Techniques Made Easy: Simple Illuminator
  • Intuitive Microscope Controls: Simple FS and AS Settings
  • Find the Focus Quickly: Focus Scale Index
  • Consistent Illumination: Light Intensity Manager
  • Easy and Ergonomic Operation
  • Easy Restore Microscope Settings: Coded Hardware
  • Basic Measurement Functions



The Invisible Becomes Visible: MIX Observation
  • The Invisible Becomes Visible: MIX Observation
  • Create All-in-focus Images: EFI
  • Easily Move the Stage for Panorama: Instant MIA
  • Capture Both Bright and Dark Areas: HDR
  • Adaptable to Suit Observational and Analysis Preferences
  • Accommodates a Wide Range of Samples


Precision Optics

Superior Optical Performance: Wave Front Aberration Control
  • Superior Optical Performance from BX53M: Wave Front Aberration Control
  • Stable Color Temperature and High-Intensity White LED Illumination
  • Support Precise Measurement: Auto Calibration
  • Seamless Stitching : Image Shading Correction


Fully Customizable

Various configurations to meet users' requirements
  • Various configurations to meet users' requirements
  • Modular Design, Build Your System Your Way





Optical system

UIS2 optical system (infinity-corrected)

Microscope frame





Stroke: 25 mm 

Stroke: 30 mm 

Fine stroke per rotation: 100 μm 

Fine stroke per rotation: 200 μm 

Minimum graduation: 1 μm 

Minimum graduation: 2 μm 

With upper limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse handle

With torque adjustment for coarse handle

Max. specimen height

35 mm (w/o spacer) 

65 mm (w/o spacer) 

Depends on the mounting configuration

75 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD)

105 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD)

Observation tube

Wide-field FN 22

Inverted: binocular, trinocular, tilting binocular 

Erect: trinocular, tilting binocular

Super-wide-field FN 26.5

Inverted: trinocular 

Erect: trinocular, tilting trinocular

Reflected light illumination

Traditional observation technique


Coded, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism) 


White LED, BF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism) 


100W halogen lamp, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX/ FS, AS (with centering mechanism), 

BF/DF interlocking, ND filter



White LED, 100W halogen 

Fiber illumination, BF/DIC/POL/MIX



Coded, 100W mercury lamp, 4 position mirror unit turret, (standard: WB, WG, WU+BF etc) 

With FS, AS (with centering mechanism), with shutter mechanism

Transmitted light

White LED 


Abbe/long working distance condensers

Revolving nosepiece

For BF

Sextuple, centering sextuple, septuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)


Sextuple, quintuple, centering quintuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)


Coaxial left (right) handle stage: 


76 mm × 52 mm, with torque adjustment 

Large-size coaxial left (right) handle stage: 

105 mm × 100 mm, with locking mechanism in Y-axis 

Large-size coaxial right handle stage: 

150 mm × 100 mm, with torque adjustment and locking mechanism in Y-axis


Approx. 18.3 kg 

Approx. 15.8 kg 

Approx. 11.1 kg 

(Microscope frame 7.6 kg)

(Microscope frame 7.4 kg)

(Microscope frame 1.9 kg)

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